RRBO celebrates 20 years of bird research!
January 2012
Our mission
The Rouge River Bird Observatory was established in 1992 to explore an understudied area of research: the importance of urban natural areas to birds. In our increasingly urbanizing world, habitat fragments in metropolitan areas are coming critical to the survival of birds. Understanding these ecosystems and how birds use them is essential for science-based conservation.
Rouge River Bird Observatory
Environmental Interpretive Cntr.
Univ. of Michigan-Dearborn
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In 1992, RRBO started out as a modest project to document birds in the UM-Dearborn campus natural area. As we discovered what a rich abundance and diversity of birds were using our area, we set out to become the first full-time urban bird research observatory in the country.

Here are just a few of our major accomplishments: In this, our 20th anniversary year, we'll revisit some of our accomplishments and share our future plans with you.
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We've grown a new leaf
Did you notice something different about our logo? We added a third leaf to represent the beginning of our third decade. The original logo is based on an image on a copper ventilator cover in the powerhouse at Fair Lane, Henry Ford's estate. Ford was a great bird lover and instrumental in bird conservation. The University of Michigan-Dearborn is located on his former property. Sara Cole also designed our new logo.


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The most valuable ecological research requires a long-term commitment to data-gathering.    


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