RRBO invites you to buy a vowel…

…as well as a slew of consonants, numerals, and all sorts of punctuation!

The Rouge River Bird Observatory needs your help to complete a critical component of our research: summarizing the results of our field work for publication.

We’re especially excited about our data on fall diets of birds – over 9,000 seeds from fruit eaten by more than 1,500 birds. Understanding which plants provide resources for migrant birds has great potential to influence bird conservation and habitat management decisions. We believe in the power of science to help conserve birds and ecosystems. But science that isn’t shared is like science that hasn’t been done at all.

Normally, support for the time it takes to do data analyses, write scientific papers, and pay for publication fees is built into research grants. Since RRBO is independent from the University’s Natural Sciences Department and other academic units, we have no direct access to this type of research funding.

Through gifts of unrestricted funds, donors like you support not just our initial research, but the all-important analysis, writing, publishing and sharing of what we have learned.

Despite our limited resources, RRBO has already published more than 30 papers on birds and insects in peer-reviewed publications, including the Wilson Bulletin of Ornithology, Northeastern Naturalist, and Great Lakes Entomologist. No other bird observatory in Michigan has a similar publication record.

Science isn’t “done” until the knowledge gained has been released through the sharing of data. This phase of our work is not the most glamorous, nor as exciting or visible as field work, but it is crucial. Your gift will provide the support needed for us interpret and deliver our findings.

You can donate with a check by downloading a simple PDF coupon.

Or donate online through the University’s secure website. (Your online donation this month saves us the time and expense of mailing a paper letter.)

Thank you for being an active participant in the scientific process!

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