Wayne County North American Migration Count

The North American Migration Count (NAMC) takes place the second Saturday each May. It aims to take a “snapshot” of migration, and is compiled on a county basis. The NAMC has covered Wayne County since 1995. Since 2002, RRBO volunteer Darrin O’Brien has been the compiler for Wayne County. Dearborn has traditionally been covered by RRBO.

Interest in this count has diminished in recent years. The establishment of eBird and its excellent capability of synthesizing data on the scope, pace, and variation in migration has marginalized this count. It may be discountinued after 2012 for Wayne County.

Below is a table summarizing highlights of the NAMC. Click on the links for each year to go to summaries of the counts, providing data on effort, areas covered, participants, and bird species and numbers.

Wayne County NAMC results

199514 May1274915Louisiana Waterthrush, Summer Tanager
199612 May1214325Northern Shoveler (2), Kentucky Warbler, Fox Sparrow
199722 May1276433N. Saw-whet Owl (2), Purple Finch
199810 May1134987
19999 May1346476American Golden-Plover (30), Dark-eyed Junco
200014 May1315258
200113 May1255244Northern Pintail, Cattle Egret
200212 May1224140Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Prairie Warbler
200311 May1244849Northern Bobwhite
20049 May1316341American Wigeon (2)
200515 May14110,559Little Blue Heron, Brewer's Blackbird (4)
200614 May1358998
200713 May1417663Connecticut Warbler
200811 May1439856Merlin, Common Moorhen (2)
200910 May1478190Yellow-headed Blackbird

See also account of Dearborn portion at RRBO blog
20109 May1418870Black-bellied Plover
201115 May1569581Ring-necked Duck, Common Goldeneye

See also account of Dearborn portion at RRBO blog
2012 (see Net Results for details)12 May1399735Short-billed Dowitcher, Olive-sided Flycatcher

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