Sighting archives 2010-2015


December 2010:

23 Dec: A Swamp Sparrow and Eastern Winter Wren were among the birds found on today’s survey.

20 Dec: The Winter Bird Population Survey season began today. Seven flyover Tundra Swans were a new species for the survey, bringing our cumulative total to 70 species.

19 Dec: Nearly three dozen Horned Larks and two Snow Buntings were in the horse paddock at Greenfield Village at Village Road and Southfield. A Common Grackle is coming to a feeder in west Dearborn.

18 Dec: A Merlin was seen along Hubbard Drive near Southfield, and was then pursued by a Peregrine Falcon (presumably from Fairlane Plaza South) today.

8 Dec: The Peregrine Falcon was seen at Fairlane Plaza South today.

2 Dec: The Peregrine Falcon was seen at Fairlane Plaza South yesterday and today.

November 2010:

20 Nov: Several Pine Siskins arrived at an east Dearborn feeder today.

17 Nov: A Purple Finch was still hanging around. A Peregrine Falcon was seen at Ford Road and the Southfield Freeway, likely the bird identified as “Ember” that has been using the window ledges at Fairlane Plaza South.

16 Nov: Small groups of Fox Sparrows are still present, usually foraging with White-throated Sparrows.

6 Nov: A White-winged Crossbill flew north over Fairlane Lake this morning. Good numbers of Fox Sparrows are still mixed in with the White-throated Sparrows, and a lone Rusty Blackbird was also found foraging with the sparrows At least one Pine Siskin was with goldfinches along the lakeside trail today.

1 Nov: An American Pipit was on the lawn in Jensen’s Meadow on campus today. This is only the second campus record, and the first “on the ground.” A Pine Siskin was with American Goldfinches in the alder trees near the boathouse at the Fair Lane Estate. Ten Fox Sparrows were counted on today’s survey; it has been a good fall for them this year. Eastern Towhees, on the other hand, have been scarce, so it was nice to find one today.

October  2010

31 Oct: An Eastern Bluebird stopped by the banding area today, but didn’t venture close to the nets.

28 Oct: A Gray Catbird was found on today’s survey, along with a number of Purple Finches, a Fox Sparrow, two Hermit Thrushes, and tons of robins and blackbirds.

24 Oct: A Northern Rough-winged Swallow flew over the banding area, furnishing a new late fall date for the city by 3 days. A Lincoln’s Sparrow was banded today, the first in some time, but our latest date is in early November.

19 Oct: Our first American Tree Sparrow arrived today along with some brisk, cool weather.

18 Oct: The Peregrine Falcon was seen at Hubbard and Southfield, sitting on a light post, today.

17 Oct: After not having banded one since 29 Sep, we banded a Blackpoll Warbler today, and saw an unbanded individual later. Our late fall date, however, is 22 Oct. A banded Black-throated Blue Warbler was seen today; the last one we banded was on 11 Oct. The late date for this species is 29 Oct. A Gray Catbird was also seen today. Although it has been over a week since our first Purple Finch was recorded, there were several here today, with one nice male banded.

16 Oct: There was a lingering Swainson’s Thrush around today.

10 Oct: Fox Sparrows debuted for the season today. After a couple of weeks of only dribs and dabs, there was an impressive late-season movement of Chimney Swifts this evening, with 109 counted over a hour span.

9 Oct: We banded a “Yellow” Palm Warbler today, the second we have banded. The first was in 2003, and you can read about it here. I posted a photo in our weekly banding summary at the Net Results blog, and I’ll be posting more here on the RRBO site soon. The first Purple Finch of the season was found today in east Dearborn, as well as a male Cape May Warbler which represents a new late fall date for Dearborn.

5 Oct: The first Winter Wren of the fall season was banded today.

September  2010

29 Sep: The first Hermit Thrush of fall was banded today. In addition to building numbers of Yellow-rumped Warblers, there was a noticeable uptick in the number of Palm Warblers around today, and Blackpolls and Black-throated Blue Warblers are also continuing their good showing this season. House Wren and Song Sparrow migrants are also beginning to increase.

24 Sep: The Peregrine Falcon that is periodically reported from the Fairlane Plaza buildings at Southfield and Hubbard was reported again today.

23 Sep: The first Orange-crowned Warbler and White-crowned Sparrow of the fall season was banded today.

21 Sep: The first Dark-eyed Junco of the season was seen on campus today. Common Nighthawk migration this season was dismal, with a high count of less than 50 birds. One straggler was migrating over east Dearborn this evening.

20 Sep: The first Golden-crowned Kinglets arrived today, a day earlier than Dearborn’s previous early date.

17 Sep: The first Yellow-rumped Warbler was found on the survey today, among a total of 16 warbler species observed and/or banded. The first Winter Wren was also recorded.

15 Sep: The first Gray-cheeked Thrush of fall was banded today. Warblers are around in noticably-reduced numbers, but there seems to have been a small uptick in the number of Tennessee Warblers today.

I have created a page with photos and information on yesterday’s European Goldfinch.

14 Sep: Two more cool birds were banded today. First was a young male Hooded Warbler. This is third we have banded and only our second fall record. We also caught an adult European Goldfinch — more on that to come. The first Yellow-bellied Sapsucker of fall was found in east Dearborn.

13 Sep: A Ruby-crowned Kinglet was banded today, four days earlier than our earliest fall arrival date in the city. We also banded an interesting thrush identified as the Newfoundland race of Veery.

12 Sep: A White-throated Sparrow and Blue-headed Vireo banded today were firsts for the fall season, with the sparrow being earlier than the average arrival date of 18 Sep. We also banded a Philadelphia Vireo, and at least two more were recorded on today’s survey. There was a nice diversity of migrants, especially warblers, today, with Blackpoll and Nashvilles predominating. An Osprey was seen flying over Fairlane Lake.

7 Sep: Banding curtailed due to wind, but a couple of small warbler flocks found on the survey. Mostly American Redstarts and Nashville Warblers, but also the first Canada Warbler of the season, and a few other species.

6 Sep: We banded the first Ovenbird of the fall today.

5 Sep: The first Palm Warbler of the season is seen today, along with 8 other species of warblers.

1 Sep: Our first Lincoln’s Sparrow of the season was seen today, an early fall arrival date for the city.

August  2010

29 Aug: A Peregrine Falcon has been seen in the vicinity of Ford World Headquarters and across the Southfield Fwy. at Fairlane Plaza.

28 Aug: Autumn’s first Red-breasted Nuthatches showed up in east Dearborn. Although this is typically the peak period of Common Nighthawk migration, numbers have been relatively low the last few days.

27 Aug: Not as many warblers around today, but new species banded for the fall season were Blackpoll Warbler and Black-throated Blue Warbler.

26 Aug: Today the first fall Swainson’s Thrush of the season was banded, and there were two other reports from elsewhere. The number of warblers has increased, with the first Black-throated Green Warblers being recorded.

25 Aug: Wilson’s Warblers have arrived for fall.

23 Aug: A Northern Waterthrush and American Redstart were banded today, firsts for the season.

22 Aug: A Blackburnian Warbler in east Dearborn was the first for fall today.

20 Aug: A number of warblers were banded today: Black-and-white Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Magnolia Warbler, and Chestnut-sided Warbler.

18 Aug: A Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was banded today, a new early fall date for this species.

17 Aug: Fall banding began this week, and today our first migrant was banded, a Least Flycatcher.

July 2010

1 Jul: The Peregrine Falcon that wintered at the Village Plaza at Michigan Avenue and Outer Drive in west Dearborn, which was last seen on 11 April, re-appeared again today.

June 2010

26 Jun: A Red-breasted Nuthatch was in east Dearborn today. Late June and early July are when regional breeders tend to show up again in the city.

13 Jun: A tardy Nashville Warbler was heard and seen in east Dearborn today. This is a late spring date for Dearborn for this species with very protracted migration periods in southern Michigan. Ten Mute Swans were seen flying along the Rouge River channel. This species is increasing in the area in recent years.

6 Jun: Eastern Bluebirds are checking out one of the nest boxes in the campus community organic garden. It would be the first confirmed nesting on campus if they decide to set up housekeeping.

May  2010:

28 May:  Migrants continue to trickle through. Swainson’s Thrushes continue to be recorded. An Ovenbird was heard today. An Orchard Oriole has been heard periodically at the south end of the swamp since Sunday.

26 May: Several Alder Flycatchers were heard today. A Black-throated Green Warbler was seen in east Dearborn.

25 May: This was the first warbler-free survey of the season. However, a singing White-eyed Vireo was heard across the Rouge River from the river overlook on campus.

23 May:  The first Yellow-bellied Flycatcher of the spring was in east Dearborn today.

21 May:  A singing male Hooded Warbler spent the morning along the north border of the hickory meadow.

20 May:  A Northern Mockingbird was seen flying south over campus this morning. A Black-billed Cuckoo, multiple Blackpoll Warbers, and a Common Nighthawk were also noted on today’s survey.  A lingering Yellow-rumped Warbler was seen near Oakwood Hospital.

19 May:  A Summer Tanager was reported from the north end of lake this evening.

16 May:  76 species were found on campus today, including 16 species of warblers. Canada Warbler was a new spring arrival, while a Ruby-crowned Kinglet was a lingering early migrant. The first Blackpoll Warbler of the season was also observed in east Dearborn.

15 May:  A total of 81 species was found in Dearborn today. Gray-cheeked Thrush and Alder Flycatcher were new arrivals. Two male Orchard Orioles were found along the Rouge River channel, along with a Blue-winged Teal, which is a late spring date for the city as there are no breeding records here.

14 May:  Today had a good diversity of species (72 in all, with 16 species of warblers) but not large numbers. A Summer Tanager was heard calling along the west side of the lake. There were notable increases in the numbers of Least Flycatchers, Wood Thrushes, and Red-eyed Vireos today.

13 May:  The first Willow Flycatcher and an Orchard Oriole were found along the concrete channel of the Rouge River this afternoon.  The first Eastern Wood-Pewee of the season was heard on campus.

12 May:  Today was the birdiest day so far on campus. 70 species were recorded, and many were in good numbers. Highlights included an Olive-sided Flycatcher near the overlook at the Rouge River — pretty early for this species. A Golden-winged Warbler was near the south end of the lake.  Yellow-throated Vireo was a new arrival. The most common of the 16 warbler species were Yellow-rumped, Nashville, and Chestnut-sided. For mid-month, it was interesting to see an obvious increase in the numbers of early migrants such as Black-and-white and Black-throated Green Warbler. A couple of Ruby-crowned Kinglets and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker were also lingerers.

9 May:  Ruby-throated Hummingbirds have arrived on campus.

8 May:  The North American Migration Count took place today, in miserable weather — cold, extremely windy, with periodic rain. Conditions resulted in only 62 species being found on campus. The only new spring species was Cape May Warbler. Another Clay-colored Sparrow was briefly heard along the Rouge River near the overlook.

7 May:  A singing Clay-colored Sparrow was by the Fair Lane Estate this afternoon. Also nearby was a Red-breasted Nuthatch. Bay-breasted Warbler was also a new arrival.

6 May:  A singing Hooded Warbler was found by the east gate to the lakeside trail this morning. Both Veery and Swainson’s Thrush were new spring arrivals, and an Eastern Bluebird was an uncommon find. A Black-throated Blue Warbler was a new arrival in east Dearborn.

5 May:  A Red-headed Woodpecker near the south end of Fairlane Lake was the bird of the day, a species we just don’t see here very often any more. American Redstart and Red-eyed Vireo were the new spring arrivals, and an influx of some previously-recorded species was noted.

4 May:  A Chestnut-sided Warbler was the only new spring arrival today, and it was much quieter than recent days. A Sandhill Crane over campus was notable.

3 May:  A Wood Thrush and Magnolia Warbler were new additions to the spring arrival list today. Many more White-crowned Sparrows are present, and Baltimore Orioles and Rose-breasted Grosbeaks are also evident in increased numbers.

2 May:  A similar mix of birds as yesterday, with the addition of the first spring Scarlet Tanager, Ovenbird, Blackburnian Warbler, and Black-and-white Warbler. A Green Heron at Greenfield Village was the first of spring.

1 May:  More migrants arrived today. A female Summer Tanager was located along the Rouge River behind the Village Plaza building at Michigan Avenue and Outer Drive by Mike O’Leary.

A male Orchard Oriole was at the south end of the lake on campus this morning, one of 59 species recorded on the second attempt at a survey after an early morning try got rained out. Other new arrivals were Northern Parula, Tennessee Warbler, Northern Waterthrush, and Least Flycatcher. A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was also noted. Many of the birds were at the south end of the lake.

In a woodlot at Southfield and Hubbard, the first Eastern Kingbird of  spring was found, along with a female-plumaged Purple Finch (also found by Mike O’Leary).

April  2010:

30 Apr:  Quite a few new species apparent today, although not great numbers. New spring arrivals include Lincoln’s Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow, Great Crested Flycatcher, Indigo Bunting, Common Yellowthroat, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, and Baltimore Oriole.  A Whippoorwill was heard singing in east Dearborn in the evening.

29 Apr:  Migrants are beginning to push into the area. Multiple Nashville Warblers and many dozens of migrating Blue Jays were apparent today. Also new for the season were Warbling Vireo, Yellow Warbler, and Palm Warbler. A Spotted Sandpiper at Greenfield Village was the first of spring.

25 Apr: Two Brown Thrashers were new for the season today, as was a Broad-winged Hawk.

23 Apr: Not a lot of movement, but an increase in the numbers of Yellow-rumped Warblers and Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, plus the first Purple Finch and House Wren of the season.

22 Apr: A Gray Catbird was a new spring arrival today.

16 Apr: Two Chimney Swifts along the Rouge River channel established a new early spring arrival date for Dearborn by a couple of days.

15 Apr: A Blue-headed Vireo today was a spring arrival, and reprsents a new early spring arrival date for Dearborn by four days. A Common Loon flew over campus today.

12 Apr: A Northern Rough-winged Swallow today was a new spring arrival.

11 Apr: A Pine Warbler was singing at the north end of Fairlane Lake. Also present on today’s survey were 4 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers, 8 Brown Creepers, 6 Winter Wrens, good numbers of both kinglets, a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, and 6 Hermit Thrushes. The Peregrine Falcon near Michigan and Outer Drive is still present.

8 Apr: Two Blue-gray Gnatcatchers found on today’s survey represent a new early spring arrival date for Dearborn.

7 Apr: An American Coot was on Fairlane Lake today, and an adult Bald Eagle was found roosting at the pond on Ford Motor Co. property at Oakwood and Beech. The first Ruby-crowned Kinglet of the season joined the increasing numbers of Golden-crowned Kinglets on campus. The Peregrine Falcon near Michigan and Outer Drive is still present, and Savannah Sparrows have arrived in the field on Mercury and Ford Road.  An Eastern Towhee was visiting an east Dearborn feeder.

5 Apr: A Chipping Sparrow was on campus today, first of the season.

4 Apr: 33 species were recorded along the concrete channel of the Rouge River today, including the season’s first Barn Swallows and a Louisiana Waterthrush. This was a new early date for Dearborn for the waterthrush.

3 Apr: The first Yellow-bellied Sapsucker of spring was seen in east Dearborn today.

1 Apr: A singing Winter Wren was heard today on campus.

March 2010:

31 Mar: The first Tree Swallow was seen today at Greenfield Village. Field Sparrows have also arrived. Golden-crowned Kinglets are also starting to accumulate.

28 Mar: A Northern Harrier was seen over east Dearborn today.

27 Mar: The first Fox Sparrow of the season was found today in east Dearborn.

24 Mar: Three Sandhill Cranes flew over campus, heading northwest.

20 Mar: The first Eastern Phoebe of spring arrived on campus today.

19 Mar: The Peregrine Falcon near Michigan and Outer Drive is still present.

15 Mar:  Turkey Vultures have been seen over campus.

14 Mar:  Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers have shown up on Fairlane Lake.

6 Mar: The Swamp Sparrow in east Dearborn is still present. Killdeer and Common Grackles are back in town, and migrant Tundra Swans have also been noted.

February 2010:

1 Feb:  We received a report of a young American Robin banded here on 28 Octboer 2005 being found dead in Georgetown, Louisiana. This is the 8th robin (out of nearly 3500) we have had recovered from out of state, and the third from Louisiana. Four more were also from the deep south, and one was from Ohio. You can view a map and table of the birds recovered from outside Michigan here.  There was a Hooded Merganser on the Rouge River just south of Michigan Avenue today.

January 2010:

31 Jan:  The Rouge River is nearly frozen over, but in the limited open water at the Ford Rouge Plant today there was a Lesser Scaup, 25 Canvasback, 22 Common Mergansers, and 2 Great Black-backed Gulls.

22 Jan:  A Long-eared Owl was found near campus, but like nearly all sightings of this species in Dearborn — this is the 10th — was a (part of) one-day wonder.  Many of the sightings have also occurred in the latter part of January. Both the aforementioned Peregrine Falcon and Swamp Sparrow are still present at their reported haunts.

17 Jan:  The Peregrine Falcon near Michigan and Outer Drive, first noted on 4 Jan, is still present and apparently spending the winter in the area. The Swamp Sparrow in east Dearborn is still present. A Fox Sparrow was found at Greenfield Village, and a Common Goldeneye was at the Ford Rouge Plant.

16 Jan: A Great Black-backed Gull is still present at the Ford Rouge Plant. Waterfowl there today included 6 Hooded Mergansers, 3 Common Mergansers, 2 Lesser Scaup, 2 Ruddy Ducks, and 8 Canvasbacks.

14 Jan: A Swamp Sparrow was at an east Dearborn feeder today.

4 Jan: A Peregrine Falcon was found dining on a starling near Michigan and Outer Drive today.

1 Jan: The Detroit River Christmas Bird Count was held today. Highlights on the Dearborn portion included the city’s first January record of Bonaparte’s Gull at the Ford Rouge Plant, which also had a Great Black-backed Gull, Pied-billed Grebe, and 5 Hooded Mergansers among more usual waterfowl; Swamp Sparrow and Fox Sparrow on campus, and Northern Saw-whet Owl at an undisclosed location.

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