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November – December 2015: Available as bar chart at eBird.

October 2015:

8 Oct: Another new species has been added to the Dearborn checklist. I received, through a chain of 6 people, a clear photo of a Yellow Rail at the Ford Rouge Plant. It was at a building near the Dearborn Truck Plant. There is wetland/pond habitat at the visitor center of the plant, adjacent to the truck plant that the bird may have been attracted to. I do not have permission to post the photo, but there is no doubt of the identity of the bird. I have no information how long/if the bird remained.

July 2015:

1 Jul: A Red-breasted Nuthatch visited an east Dearborn yard today. Here are updates on both the nesting Grasshopper Sparrows and Peregrine Falcons.

June 2015:

16 June: The Grasshopper Sparrows continue at the lot on Rotunda and Southfield. At least two can be heard from the parking lot. Please do not enter the field.

13 June: A female Hooded Merganser and her brood are on Fairlane Lake. This is the first nesting record for the campus.

8 June: A Veery is heard singing near the south bike path bridge over the Rouge River.

May 2015:

26 May: Three Grasshopper Sparrows were at the vacant lot at Rotunda and Southfield. If they nest, it will be the first breeding record for Dearborn in recent history. A Connecticut Warbler was heard in the woods near the Rouge River behind the Andiamo restaurant on Michigan Ave.

12 May: The Red-headed Woodpecker was still in the floodplain, seen today near the stone bridge near the southwest part of the lake.

10 May: A Red-headed Woodpecker was in the floodplain near the pumphouse. What was likely a Pileated Woodpecker was also heard in the area, but could not be located. If we can get a sight record, it would be a first for Dearborn.

7 May: 14 Least Sandpipers and a Lesser Yellowlegs were in a flooded lot at Rotunda and Southfield today. On campus, Wilson’s Warbler and Scarlet Tanager were new spring arrivals.

6 May: A little less diversity today, but lots more Yellow-rumped Warblers! An Eastern Whip-poor-will was flushed from a trail in the floodplain for the bird of the day so far.

5 May: Many new spring migrants today. For two checklists that tally a total of over 70 species. Highlights included Blue-winged Warbler, Eastern Kingbird, and an Osprey later in the afternoon.

2 May: Ruby-throated Hummingbird and Ovenbird were new arrivals today.

1 May: Baltimore Oriole, Blue-headed Vireo, and Nashville Warbler were new arrivals today.

April 2015:

27 Apr: Palm Warblers have arrived.

21 Apr: A pair of Peregrine Falcons has taken up residence on the east tower of Parklane Towers (near Hubbard and Southfield) for the third year in a row.

20 Apr: A pair of Green-winged Teal were on the lake this morning. The White-eyed Vireo is still present.

17 Apr: A migrant Broad-winged Hawk was seen over campus. The White-eyed Vireo is still present at the north end of the lake.

16 Apr: A White-eyed Vireo was singing up a storm this morning on both sides of the lake at the north end. This ties the early spring date for Dearborn.

14 Apr: Quite a few Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Yellow-rumped Warblers were around the lake today. Not far from the April 6 sighting, three Wild Turkeys were seen and photographed at Dearborn Hills Golf Course this morning — 3rd record for Dearborn in modern times.

6 Apr: A Wild Turkey was photographed in a neighborhood near Cherry Hill east of Telegraph. — 2nd record for Dearborn in modern times.

1 Apr: Pied-billed Grebe and Fox Sparrow were new arrivals today.

March 2015:

29 Mar: American Woodcock were displaying on the north end of campus. A pair of Eastern Bluebirds continues in the area of the rose garden, hickory meadow, and nearby lakeside trail.

27 Mar: A Horned Grebe, in winter plumage just beginning transition to breeding plumage, was found on Fairlane Lake on campus this morning. This is the 3rd campus record. There are over a dozen records, many of multiple individuals, from Dearborn, but this is the first since 2008. Six Blue-winged Teal were also on the lake this morning.

26 Mar: A Merlin was seen chasing a Cooper’s Hawk today. Wood Ducks are also back on campus.

21 Mar: A Sandhill Crane was seen migrating over campus.

20 Mar: A pair of Eastern Bluebirds was in the Rose Garden yesterday and today.

12 Mar: Turkey Vultures and Killdeer have arrived for the season.

11 Mar: The first Common Grackle arrives.

1 Mar: A Long-tailed Duck is found at the Ford Rouge Plant — a new species for Dearborn. See a photo and read about it at Net Results.

Winter Bird survey results here.

February 2015:

17 Feb: An adult Bald Eagle has been seen several times near the Rouge River, a couple of times in the Rotunda and Southfield area, and once near the Lower Rouge west of Military.

January 2015:

1 Jan: A highlight of the Dearborn portion of the Detroit River Christmas Bird Count was a Lesser Black-backed Gull at the Ford Rouge Plant. A summary of the day is at our blog Net Results.

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