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Current year seasonal sightings from the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus as well as other locations around Dearborn. As of May 2014, if there is a survey associated with a date in the list below, the date will be a link to the checklist at eBird. Archives of previous years can be found hereFor other news, sign up for our newsletter here.

Sightings on eBird
These links go to bar graphs of our bird sightings on eBird:

*Inclusive data is based on 20+ years of mostly spring and winter data. Some is public data, it also includes sightings that have not been vetted by RRBO staff, but has been filtered by eBird volunteers that are not associated with and do not consult with RRBO. Researchers interested in data for analysis should contact RRBO directly.

Results of the 2016 Dearborn portion of the Detroit River Christmas Bird Count are here. Highlights included a Merlin, Lesser Black-backed Gulls, and Pine Siskins.

October 2015:

8 Oct: Another new species has been added to the Dearborn checklist. I received, through a chain of 6 people, a clear photo of a Yellow Rail at the Ford Rouge Plant. It was at a building near the Dearborn Truck Plant. There is wetland/pond habitat at the visitor center of the plant, adjacent to the truck plant that the bird may have been attracted to. I do not have permission to post the photo, but there is no doubt of the identity of the bird.  I have no information how long/if the bird remained.

Due to time constraints, it is likely only highlighted sightings will be posted here, but you can always look at checklists of routine surveys and miscellaneous sightings submitted to eBird at this link.

July 2015:

1 Jul: A Red-breasted Nuthatch visited an east Dearborn yard today. Here are updates on both the nesting Grasshopper Sparrows and Peregrine Falcons.

June 2015:

16 June: The Grasshopper Sparrows continue at the lot on Rotunda and Southfield. At least two can be heard from the parking lot. Please do not enter the field.

13 June: A female Hooded Merganser and her brood are on Fairlane Lake. This is the first nesting record for the campus.

8 June: A Veery is heard singing near the south bike path bridge over the Rouge River.

May 2015:

26 May: Three Grasshopper Sparrows were at the vacant lot at Rotunda and Southfield. If they nest, it will be the first breeding record for Dearborn in recent history. A Connecticut Warbler was heard in the woods near the Rouge River behind the Andiamo restaurant on Michigan Ave.

12 May: The Red-headed Woodpecker was still in the floodplain, seen today near the stone bridge near the southwest part of the lake.

10 May: A Red-headed Woodpecker was in the floodplain near the pumphouse. What was likely a Pileated Woodpecker was also heard in the area, but could not be located. If we can get a sight record, it would be a first for Dearborn.

7 May: 14 Least Sandpipers and a Lesser Yellowlegs were in a flooded lot at Rotunda and Southfield today. On campus, Wilson’s Warbler and Scarlet Tanager were new spring arrivals.

6 May: A little less diversity today, but lots more Yellow-rumped Warblers! An Eastern Whip-poor-will was flushed from a trail in the floodplain for the bird of the day so far.

5 May: Many new spring migrants today. For two checklists that tally a total of over 70 species, check eBird here and here. Highlights included Blue-winged Warbler, Eastern Kingbird, and an Osprey later in the afternoon.

2 May: Ruby-throated Hummingbird and Ovenbird were new arrivals today.

1 May: Baltimore Oriole, Blue-headed Vireo, and Nashville Warbler were new arrivals today.

April 2015:

27 Apr: Palm Warblers have arrived.

21 Apr: A pair of Peregrine Falcons has taken up residence on the east tower of Parklane Towers (near Hubbard and Southfield) for the third year in a row.

20 Apr: A pair of Green-winged Teal were on the lake this morning. The White-eyed Vireo is still present.

17 Apr: A migrant Broad-winged Hawk was seen over campus. The White-eyed Vireo is still present at the north end of the lake.

16 Apr: A White-eyed Vireo was singing up a storm this morning on both sides of the lake at the north end. This ties the early spring date for Dearborn.

14 Apr: Quite a few Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Yellow-rumped Warblers were around the lake today. Not far from the April 6 sighting, three Wild Turkeys were seen and photographed at Dearborn Hills Golf Course this morning — 3rd record for Dearborn in modern times.

6 Apr: A Wild Turkey was photographed in a neighborhood near Cherry Hill east of Telegraph. — 2nd record for Dearborn in modern times.

1 Apr: Pied-billed Grebe and Fox Sparrow were new arrivals today.

March 2015:

29 Mar: American Woodcock were displaying on the north end of campus. A pair of Eastern Bluebirds continues in the area of the rose garden, hickory meadow, and nearby lakeside trail.

27 Mar: A Horned Grebe, in winter plumage just beginning transition to breeding plumage, was found on Fairlane Lake on campus this morning. This is the 3rd campus record. There are over a dozen records, many of multiple individuals, from Dearborn, but this is the first since 2008. Six Blue-winged Teal were also on the lake this morning.

26 Mar: A Merlin was seen chasing a Cooper’s Hawk today. Wood Ducks are also back on campus.

21 Mar: A Sandhill Crane was seen migrating over campus.

20 Mar: A pair of Eastern Bluebirds was in the Rose Garden yesterday and today.

12 Mar: Turkey Vultures and Killdeer have arrived for the season.

11 Mar: The first Common Grackle arrives.

1 Mar: A Long-tailed Duck is found at the Ford Rouge Plant — a new species for Dearborn. See a photo and read about it at Net Results.

February 2015:

17 Feb: An adult Bald Eagle has been seen several times near the Rouge River, a couple of times in the Rotunda and Southfield area, and once near the Lower Rouge west of Military.

January 2015:

1 Jan: A highlight of the Dearborn portion of the Detroit River Christmas Bird Count was a Lesser Black-backed Gull at the Ford Rouge Plant. A summary of the day is at our blog Net Results and the count totals are here.

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