Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge: inventories

Since 2004, the Rouge River Bird Observatory has worked under various grants to do bird and insect survey work at the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, primarily at the Humbug Marsh Unit and other Wayne County units of the Refuge. This is the first International Refuge in North America, and includes islands, wetlands, and riverfront lands along the lower Detroit River and the entire Michigan shoreline of the western basin of Lake Erie. The 410-acre Humbug Marsh unit became part of the Refuge in 2003 after a long battle for preservation. RRBO’s surveys were the first thorough inventories done on this property.

Under a special use permit from the Refuge, RRBO has conducted Christmas Bird Counts at Humbug since 2004, and other units since 2009 that fall into the Rockwood Christmas Bird Count circle.  For two years, RRBO was contracted to do baseline insect surveys at Humbug, which have continued on a voluntary basis through 2010.  For two years, RRBO also conducted North American Migration Counts at Humbug.

Links to results are below.

Christmas Bird Counts

Insect Surveys

  • Baseline Odonata Survey (dragonflies and damselflies), 2007 (PDF). Please cite as: Craves, J. A. 2007.  Baseline inventory of Odonata at the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, Humbug Marsh Unit. (pdf) Final Report. CCS MOA #2007 CCS-98. USFWS Region 3, Fort Snelling, MN.
  • Insect Inventory (dragonflies, damselflies, butterflies), 2008 (PDF).

North American Migration Counts

E/The Environmental Magazine published an article on brownfield restoration that featured this work.

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