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Archives of previous newsletter

For several years, the Rouge River Bird Observatory published an occasional print newsletter.  You can download archived copies of the old newsletter here. They are in PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

May 2002

  • What is RRBO?
  • Ten years of banding
  • Stopover research overview
  • Selected literature contributions

Fall/Winter 2002

  • Winter bird population survey
  • Spring banding sets record
  • RRBO’s role in new state Breeding Bird Atlas
  • New literature contributions

Summer/Fall 2003

  • Wayne Co. breeding bird atlas update
  • RRBO’s work in Cuba
  • Wayne Co. dragonfly survey
  • New literature contributions

Spring 2004

  • Funding update
  • Woodpeckers and emerald ash borers
  • Fall 2003 banding highlights
  • Longevity records
  • New literature contributions

Winter/Spring 2005

  • RRBO/USFWS partnership
  • Stable Isotope analysis
  • RRBO expertise on state committees
  • New literature contributions
  • Julie Craves wins award

Spring/Summer 2006

  • RRBO joins avian influenza monitoring scheme
  • Breeding Bird Atlas update
  • RRBO work on the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge
  • RRBO joins Bird Conservation Alliance
  • How to participate in the Breeding Bird Atlas

Winter/Spring 2008

  • Breeding Bird Atlas field work complete
  • Keeping count of resident birds
  • Dragonfly work on the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge
  • Birds of Dearborn announcement

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