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Michigan Audubon article
The Michigan Audubon Society has been supporting RRBO’s bird diet research for several years. They published an article on it in their newsletter, The Jack-Pine Warbler. Download it here.

Watch RRBO on Detroit Public Television
Julie Craves and the work of the Rouge River Bird Observatory are among the featured scientists in an episode on migratory birds on Great Lakes Now Connect, a production of Detroit Public Television and The Nature Conservancy. Below is the portion of the program in which the scientists appear:

RRBO on Michigan Radio
RRBO’s Julie Craves was on Michigan Radio’s Stateside program talking about American Robins, how they make it through winter, and if they are really a sign of spring. Listen to it at the link at Michigan Radio.

I found a baby bird. What do I do?
The answer in nearly every case is leave it alone. It is normal for baby birds that are not fully feathered to leave the nest well before they are able to fly. It is also normal for them to be left alone while the parents are out foraging for them. Attempts to raise a baby bird by non-professionals invariably result in a period of suffering for the bird, followed by death. Further, it is illegal to possess a wild, native bird without a license. More resources here.

Please note…
RRBO is a research facility and does not have bird or wildlife rescue or rehabilitation licensing or capacity. Please contact your local animal control office or a wildlife rehabilitator in your area for assistance on evaluating your situation.

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