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Winter Bird Population Survey results
The 26th year of our annual winter survey was completed last month. The results can be found on this page.

Major ecology paper published
The paper Native birds exploit leaf-mining moth larvae using a new North American host, non-native Lonicera maackii was just published in the journal Écoscience. This paper describes the interactions between native birds, a specialist moth, and the moth’s new host in North America, Amur honeysuckle, a problematic non-native shrub.

Flicker paper published, makes national media
The paper Diet explains red flight feathers in Yellow-shafted Flickers in eastern North America was published in The Auk: Ornithological Advances. See additional press coverage in Newsweek and the National Audubon Society.

Please note…
RRBO is a research facility and does not have bird or wildlife rescue or rehabilitation licensing or capacity. Please contact your local animal control office or a wildlife rehabilitator in your area for assistance on evaluating your situation.

See this page for more information on “orphaned” or injured birds.

Watch RRBO on Detroit Public Television
Julie Craves and the work of the Rouge River Bird Observatory are among the featured scientists in an episode on migratory birds on Great Lakes Now Connect, a production of Detroit Public Television and The Nature Conservancy. Below is the portion of the program in which the scientists appear:

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