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Paper published
The peer-reviewed journal of the Natural Areas Association, Natural Areas Journal, recently published RRBO’s paper, “Birds that Eat Nonnative Buckthorn Fruit (Rhamnus cathartica and Frangula alnus, Rhamnaceae) in Eastern North America.” You can view the abstract here. Many thanks to all those who donated to help defray page fee costs.

Midwest Landbird Migration Monitoring Network Strategic Plan
As part of RRBO’s involvement in the Midwest Coordinated Bird Monitoring Partnership, we have been helping to provide input into the identification and development of the needs, objectives, capacity, and implementation recommendations for dedicated Midwest Landbird Migration Monitoring Network. The strategic plan has been released, you can download it here (PDF).

Make your windows safe for birds
Window collisions are a major source of mortality for birds, especially during migration. FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program) has developed a brochure on making your windows safer for birds; download the PDF here and learn more at the FLAP website.

Please note…
RRBO is a research facility and does not have bird or wildlife rescue or rehabilitation licensing or capacity. Please contact your local animal control office or a wildlife rehabilitator in your area for assistance on evaluating your situation.

See this page for more information on “orphaned” or injured birds.

Watch RRBO on Detroit Public Television
Julie Craves and the work of the Rouge River Bird Observatory are among the featured scientists in an episode on migratory birds on Great Lakes Now Connect, a production of Detroit Public Television and The Nature Conservancy. Below is the portion of the program in which the scientists appear:

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